torsdag 14. november 2013

Some decisionmaking and changes!

Hi! I haven't updated in a while, and today when I was in the car coming home from our first gig in Osaka, I made a decision.
First of all, I'm going to be writing this blog in English from now on (most Norwegians understand English anyway) and secondly, because I don't have much free time lately I'm going to prioritize writing about band stuff. Not exclusively, but mostly.
Both these things mean that mean that my blog will probably be a little less personal than before (which might be a good thing anyway) but I will definitely take the opportunity to keep writing things that I can't put in my Japanese blog or on twitter.
I really hope that you will keep following me, and also hope to make some new blog friends in the future!

Hilsen Inger

Here's a few little clips from the live at Osaka Club Drop:
This is us right before going on stage... these are the guys' go to-poses :P
It's stagetime!!

It was a pretty good live, even though we were all a little nervous. It wasn't just the first time playing in Osaka, but also the first time performing our new song THE BALLAD ( ゚д゚)
That's not the name of the song, it's just kind of a scary thing to do the first ballad ever. It's called Phantom Pain, and I'll post the lyrics later, we're not sure if they will be changed a little bit^^
It actually went really well and everybody loved the song.

 There were, of course, a lot of other cool bands playing as well. Amongst them Phonicline, who are now on the tour for their first single, Daydream.

They were great, as always!

The boy who drew our fanart came to the live. He had originally said he might not be able to make it, I'm so glad he did. We signed his drawing, and then he gave us these laminated little cards that he'd made of the drawing.

 This is now in my wallet (^-^)
He also brought some chocolate cake thingies for Tomoyas birthday.
Lol, Kentos chewing face.
I know he won't read this, but thank you so so much!

Ofcourse we had to get some Osaka specials while we were there. It seems like Osaka is kind of famous for just any food being delicious, but I always hear about takoyaki. I don't like tako(octopus), but fortunately okonomiyaki is also an Osaka special, so we got one each with different fillings and ate it outside the live house. It was so good!
 I know it doesn't look very delicious XD It looks like a mess, but it was really good!

Afterwards we went inside to catch the last performances and see Dj Tekken end the show.
Everyone were so drunk, including the DJ XD
And then it was the afterparty.
We were all pretty exhausted, plus we had a long car ride home, so we couldn't party as much as we wanted to, but I think we made some new friends.
This guy who works at Club Drop wanted us to come back and play at his birthday event. It made me so happy, 'cause it's the first time he sees us and he liked it so much he wanted us to be one of his personally chosen bands.
Unfortunately it's in January, and I will just be back from Norway with almost a month without practice, so we had to decline :(
But we are planning to go back next year, probably after the new album is released.

I just made so many good memories this time, it's too bad we have so little time. The car ride is truly a bitch, even for me who doesn't drive, but it was really worth it! Can't wait to go back!

Now I have to get ready to go to Headpower, because we thought it was a good idea to have another concert on the same day we came back from Osaka.... Have to gather some streanght. And put on some clothes.


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